“The Forgotten Seamstress” by Liz Trenow

There is nothing I love better than realizing an author I already admire has written more than one book. Such was the case with Liz Trenow, author of The Last Telegram. The Forgotten Seamstress, her second novel, interweaves the stories of two women in England who are connected by a mysterious quilt. The first character we meet … More “The Forgotten Seamstress” by Liz Trenow

“The Summer Queen” by Elizabeth Chadwick

The Summer Queen is the first installment of Elizabeth Chadwick’s Eleanor of Aquitaine series. I picked it up in a used bookstore in London, having read positive reviews about it. I’m a bit of sucker for historical fiction (okay, a BIG sucker), and Eleanor is one of my favourite people to read about. Through Chadwick’s … More “The Summer Queen” by Elizabeth Chadwick