How to plan a road trip across New Zealand

In late August/early September of last year, I took a much-awaited trip to Australia and New Zealand with my cousin and a close friend. And by much-awaited, I mean I saved money for two years and we spent almost 8 months sorting out the details! One of the best decisions we made for our vacation … More How to plan a road trip across New Zealand


A weekend in Valencia

In the Spring of 2015, I was living abroad in London. Despite having traveled, a classmate of mine had never seen the ocean with her own eyes. My cousin, some friends, and I decided that needed to change. And what better way to experience your first beach trip than galavanting to Spain for the weekend? … More A weekend in Valencia

Discovering #vanlife

Last weekend, I somehow found myself sucked into a world I didn’t know anything about. Thanks to YouTube, I stumbled across a microcosm of something that completely encapsulates the idea of wanderlust: van life. What is van life? Exactly what it sounds like. Also called the “van movement” in some corners of the internet, van … More Discovering #vanlife