Learning Lingo

Ever since I decided that moving to England was a viable direction in which to take myself, I have been brushing up on various aspects of “being British.” While I recognize (recognise!) a lot of spelling differences and slang thanks to books and television, I am not familiar with using them. At the suggestion of my … More Learning Lingo

Coming Home

There’s a moment when, driving over the Grapevine on the serpentine 5, you feel hurtled into Central California. The road slants downhill, curving around the mountain, and suddenly there is a break in the scenery. The plain brown range disappears, and you are overlooking the great valley. From that viewpoint it doesn’t look like much (the … More Coming Home

Becoming an Expat

My high school backpack is ratty. The seams are worn, but not yet pulled, and the zippers get stuck. No matter how many times I empty it out, there is still sand in the bottom from trips to the beach in Valencia. The Jansport logo is faded, but relatively legible. The navy fabric is dull … More Becoming an Expat