Discovering #vanlife

via Northcore

Last weekend, I somehow found myself sucked into a world I didn’t know anything about. Thanks to YouTube, I stumbled across a microcosm of something that completely encapsulates the idea of wanderlust: van life. What is van life? Exactly what it sounds like. Also called the “van movement” in some corners of the internet, van life is when someone chooses to lead a more hippie lifestyle, opting to live in their van or bus so that they can travel at will. It’s an intriguing mixture of minimalism and social media connectivity. These vans are usually completely remodeled and converted into mobile homes to the liking of the individual, and honestly they put all those HGTV “tiny house” shows to shame.

Although I can’t give up the life I currently lead to live on the road, there is an undeniable appeal here. Something that calls to the wanderer in me. A part of my soul that is okay with not having certain staples and necessities, that just wants to sleep by the ocean one night and in the mountains the next—simply because I feel like it.

Here are some of the videos I found the most inspirational. Have any of you ever considered giving everything up for the sake of travel?


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