London at a Glance

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Only have a few days in London? There are so many sights to see that it can be an overwhelming task to take on The Big Smoke. The other day, a lady at church asked me what I would recommend she see if she ever got the chance to visit London, and this was the result: London at a Glance. (the underlined hyperlinks can be viewed while it is in PDF form)

With the help of a few nifty apps, this two page guide can get you around the city by the Thames in just three days. Granted, there is so much more to see than what I have mentioned here, but these are many of the highlights that make London great. I have packed several sightseeing destinations into each day, but of course you can take as much time as you please. Travel is about what you want to see, and it isn’t any good if you aren’t enjoying yourself.

Each day begins at a memorable location, such as the Roman Wall or Westminster Abbey. Each following site or area piggybacks off the last. (For example, it is a 7 minute walk from the Museum of London to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is then a 23 minute walk from St. Paul’s to the Tower of London.) I have attempted to group things near each other on the same day, so that you aren’t traversing the city more than necessary.

Feel free to download the guide and use at your leisure. I hope that it can prove useful for first time visitors!

Cheers, and happy travels. 🙂

P.S. The apps mentioned in the guide are CityMapper and Tube Map. Be sure to download these before departing, as you may not have service or wifi immediately upon arrival. 


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