My Favourite Travel Blogs

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I have a weakness for travel, and I don’t just mean me traveling. Travel books and guides have been a staple in my library since I was in elementary school. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) I was, and am, a huge fan of Rick Steves’ Europe. And thanks to the internet, travel blogs have become a regular part of my daily dosage. There is something about reading other people’s experiences with other cultures and locales that is so exciting, especially if you yourself are in the midst of planning a trip.

Here are my top six travel blogs, some of which I consulted frequently while living in England this past year.

Postcards From Rachel

Rachel began her blog while she and her husband were living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Through gorgeous photographs, Rachel shares her adventures both at home and abroad. She and her hubby live in DC now, but that hasn’t stopped her escapades (see her most recent post about Peru). Rachel’s posts are a wonderful resource if you plan on becoming an expat. And she blogs about pretty much everything, including DIY projects and food!

Lady Relocated

Jen decided to start a small blog to keep up with her friends and family when she moved to London in September 2013. She has traveled to a variety of countries and offers travel tips for each of them. Her London Life series was extremely helpful to me as a brand new expat, and her posts about Day Trips (with London as a home base) were handy when I planned my mother’s sightseeing trips in April. Jen has an easy way with words to make you feel right at home as you peruse her international exploits.

Nomadic Matt

Matt is the perfect guide if your ultimate goal is life on the road. He has tips for everything, including saving your pennies for a desired trip, how to find cheap airfare, and how to travel safely as a solitary female. He even wrote a best-selling book called How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. (While I haven’t read this yet, it looks right up my alley.) Matt’s blog also provides links to valuable resources, like travel gear and accommodations. If you’re planning your very first trip abroad, or want to streamline the way you travel, try Matt’s advice!

Went Looking

Much like the blogs listed above, the well-traveled Leah offers some tips and tricks. However, the overall feel of her blog is more about her personal experiences and observations. Her writing is refreshing and realistic, and she talks about everything, including some terrible toilet adventures. The way she describes different places around the world, and the reliability/isolation of travel gives me goosebumps. In her short manifesto, she states, “Travel is more than a state of mind. It creates your mind, shapes, molds, chisels it—if you let it.”

Road Essays

Jess is no stranger to travel writing, having had her work published National Geographic, BBC Travel, and many more highbrow authorities. She currently works as an author for Lonely Planet and Footprint. But what draws me to her blog is the fact that she blends narrative non-fiction with her globe-trotting. I have a fondness for that style of writing, as it helps me feel very connected to the writer, and Jess is no exception. If you enjoy a “story form” when you read, then this might just be the blog for you.

Infinite Satori

Satori’s posts have been featured on numerous online websites, and it’s no mystery why. Although she doesn’t update her blog often, each post is long, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Her blog may not revolve around travel tips, but trust me—read one post, and you will want to pack your bags. Do you want to travel, but need a little push, a little bit of inspiration? Read about her travels, soak in the beauty of her photographs, and you will feel fernweh like never before.

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9 thoughts on “My Favourite Travel Blogs

    1. Oh I love the idea of going around the world in 80 days. That’s actually one of my favorite movies (the old one with Davis Niven). How many more stops do you have before your trip is over?


  1. Yes, travel blogs are great indeed! Personally, I love those blogs presenting, culture, habits, oddities, history, hobbies, art etc. in addition to landscapes and tows.


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